September 24, 2017

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April 22, 2018

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Is your mind playing tricks on you? Distorting your reality?

March 14, 2017


Neural attractors are the patterns created in our brain to make sense of the world efficiently.  For example, it is how we learn to recognise the letter ‘H’, regardless of font or handwriting style. Over time, all the dynamic pathways our brain has used to decipher the letter ‘H’ become one ingrained common path – the attractor – working quickly to fill in the blanks so as to not have to continually decode.


Even when ambiguous and identical symbols present themselves, as seen in the middle of each word in this example, our brain is forced down a well-worn pathway to see “THE CAT”.


Not many people will see “TAE CHT”. Possibly nobody will see the truth “T?E C?T”.


So, whilst our brain is amazing at making information easier for us to process, be aware that our mind can sometimes make subconscious assumptions for us.


Being mindful of your thoughts and taking a step back from situation can often be the tool for more compassion and clarity.


* Lewis T, Amini F, & Lannon, R (2007), A General Theory of Love, Vintage.

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